Tutoring & Coaching Info

Hi! My name is Russell Yang. I'm originally from Los Altos Hills, CA, and I'm a rising sophomore at Yale University.

I'm currently offering Zoom-based tutoring for a variety of subjects, including the ACT, math (up to multivariable calculus), statistics, computer science, physics, and biology. My specialty is preparing students for high-stakes exams.

Testing Experience
I've earned a full score on all standardized tests taken to date, including the ACT (36/36), PSAT/NMSQT (1520/1520), SAT Subject Test: Mathematics Level II (800/800), and SAT Subject Test: Chemistry (800/800). I also earned a Perfect Raw Score on the AP Computer Science A exam in 2018, meaning that I was one of 193 students out of 65,000+ test-takers (top 0.295%) who earned every possible point on the exam.

Teaching Experience
I also have extensive teaching experience, having served as a Precalculus III Teaching Assistant at Foothill College, Coach of the Harker Middle School Science Bowl team, and Community Teaching Assistant for an online MITx data science class. I received a MITx Community Teaching Assistant Certificate of Excellence from MIT Professors Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee (both Nobel Laureates in Economics) recognizing me "as a trusted, selected volunteer member of the MITx teaching team" who made "significant contributions in fostering an online community, peer mentoring, [and] sharing content expertise." I am the founder of an international STEM education nonprofit with 40+ global chapters and will be serving as a Teacher for Yale Splash this year. Visit my LinkedIn for more info about my teaching-related qualifications.

I am a results-oriented and student-centered tutor who strives to deliver value to families. I begin by understanding the needs of the student and by crafting an individualized tutoring plan. After each tutoring session, I send recap emails to the student and parents/guardians summarizing what was accomplished and providing a short homework assignment to consolidate key concepts. Parents/guardians are welcome to join any of the tutoring sessions to observe. My rate for new students is 75/hour, but I offer group tutoring at a discount. I also offer other services, including academic mentorship, research mentorship (and finding summer research internships), and college application guidance at the same rate.

Interested? Send me an email at russell.yang@yale.edu to get started.