Hi! I'm Russell.

I'm a student at The Harker School interested in STEM education and applied statistics. Right now, I'm learning about mathematical statistics and the theoretical foundations of data science. I'm always open to new opportunities - send me an email to get in touch! You can also visit my LinkedIn to learn more about my experiences and interests.

Recent Projects

Violent Crime Prediction 🚨

Using genetic stochastic search to predict violent crime levels in communities throughout the US

Oral Pathology Diagnosis 🦷

A backward-chained expert system in JESS that diagnoses common oral and maxillofacial pathologies

Pegasos 🐎

Implements version of the Pegasos (Primal Estimated Sub-Gradient Solver for SVM) algorithm

Neural Networks 🧠

A feedforward multilayer perceptron with gradient descent & backpropagation written from scratch in Java

Bootstrapped Survival 💀

User-friendly bootstrapped survival analysis for distant metastasis-free survival on Stanford PRECOG datasets

Aggregator 🔗

Simple general purpose aggregator written in Python that looks through a list of given URLs for a topic

Work Experiences


I have extensive experience teaching/tutoring, having served as a Precalculus III TA at my local college, as a volunteer CTA for a online grad-level data science/econometrics class, and as a coach of the Harker Middle School Science Bowl team. See my LinkedIn for more info and my standardized testing experience. Send me an email if you are looking for a tutor!